Enterprise Agency, Savonlinna region

Itä-Savon Uusyrityskeskus

Our business services are open for everyone who is planning business or establishing an enterprise in Savonlinna, Sulkava and Enonkoski areas.  Our personnel are highly educated and well trained for business services and our service is totally confidential. Don’t hesitate to contact us, our business services are free of charge.

Our useful guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland is available for download.

Enterprise Agency, Savonlinna region

Your local Enterprise Agency provides assistance in developing an enterprise idea into a sound business plan to support you in building a profitable business. The expert services we provide are free of charge and strictly confidential. Our customers are aspiring and existing entrepreneurs during their first three years of operation. We also assist in buying or selling an existing business or enterprise.

Stages of establishing a company

Before becoming an entrepreneur, you should consider the different options available and your personal qualifications for working as an independent entrepreneur. Enterprise Agencies provide professional counselling and a partner to discuss your professional abilities and for evaluating the functionality of your business idea. Our useful guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland is available for download free of charge.

Some of the first steps into establishing a company are creating a business plan, obtaining funding and planning your business marketing, sales and pricing.

Becoming an entrepreneur

  • Test and record your business idea. What, to whom and how?
  • Create your initial business plan. (Inc. profit budget as well as investment-, funding-, profitability and sales calculations)

Contact your local Enterprise Agency

  • Plan your business funding (self-financing, bank loans, loan or security from Finnvera, possible subsidies from, for instance, ELY Centres)
  • Check whether the business is subject to a licence. (These licences can be granted only after the enterprise has been registered and it has a Business ID.)
  • Choose the company form and trade name. suomi.fi/company starting a business planning business activities guide choosing the form of business and www.ytj.fi/en
  • Apply for a start-up grant from TE-Office (their decision needs to precede the company registration) http://www.te-palvelut.fi/te/en
    Contact your local TE Office before applying for the start-up grant. Do not register the company before the TE Office has made a decision on the start-up grant.
  • Prepare the establishment documents
  • General partnership and limited partnership: partnership agreement
  • Limited liability company: memorandum of association, articles of association, minutes of the meeting of the board of directors (where necessary)
  • Co-operative: memorandum of association, rules of the co-operative, minutes of the meeting of the board of directors (where necessary)

Register the company

  • in the Finnish Trade Register (start-up notification, personal data form, establishment documents)
  • in the registers of the Finnish Tax Administration (prepayment register, VAT register and employer register, if necessary)
  • with the shared start-up notification form of the Finnish Tax Administration and the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. Enclose the establishment documents and the personal data form.

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